Seminars and Speakers

Mr. Lim Chin Khee

Bachelor of Science, Agricultural, UPM.

Durian & Plantation consultant

Miss Lindsay Gasik

Writer, blogger and traveler of all things durian. Connecting durian lovers with small farmers and local culture


The Business of Durian

RM230+  including one tea break

26 July 2019.  11am-1245pm

27 July 2019. 11am-1245pm 

28 July 2019. 11am-1245pm


Starting your Durian Plantation

RM230+  including one tea break

26 July 2019.  2pm-345pm

27 July 2019. 2pm-345pm

28 July 2019. 2pm-345pm


A Virtual Durian Tour in Penang

RM180+  including one tea break


26 July 2019.  11am-1215pm

27 July 2019. 11am-1215pm 

28 July 2019. 11am-1215pm

A Virtual Durian Tour in Pahang

RM180+  including one tea break

26 July 2019.  2pm-315pm

27 July 2019. 2pm-315pm

28 July 2019. 2pm-315pm


“榴梿王国. 槟城果王吃游手记” 作者


Miss Chong Lee Cho 

Co-author of “ Durian Kingdom, a guide to Penang’s King of Fruit”
Malaysian Food and Beverage author and editor of “city eye” magazine

Mohd Ali Hanafiah Bin Mazlan

Diploma in Agriculture Science,

Agriculture Officer Horticulture 


Ministry of Agriculture.


A Guide to Penang's King of Fruit

RM180+  including one tea break.


26 July 2019.  11am-1215pm

27 July 2019. 11am-1215pm

28 July 2019. 11am-1215pm


Durian Grafting Method & Management

RM250+  including trees, all course material

and one tea break..


26 July 2019.  10am-1230pm

27 July 2019. 10am-1230pm

28 July 2019. 10am-1230pm

Sheema Abdul Aziz

is the Principal Investigator of Project Pteropus. She has a BA in Archaeology from the University of York, an MSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Kent, and a PhD in Ecology from the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle. She is also a steering committee member of the SEABCRU Flying Fox Priority Group. Sheema has worked under several conservation organisations, but most extensively under WWF-Malaysia to help improve conservation and protected area management in Belum-Temengor, Perak. More details of her expertise and research interests can be found here. You can contact her at:

Sheema's team will be at the Durian Expo Kuala Lumpur 2019 to share knowledge about the important role that Fruit bats play in the durian more